Week 12 – Monochrome

P4266594Monochrome! I wanted to do it without going black and white, and first I was thinking about doing it all in shades of purple or green. But then I realised that my bedding, combined with the neutral wallpaper, offers up the perfect opportunity of doing black and white without actually doing black and white. Am I making sense?

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Week 10 – Green


Hey, what’s up? Me? Oh you know, just chilling, expectantly looking for spring to arrive properly and all that, wearing my for the purpose assembled green outfit. As you do. Casual.

I decided to do a self-portrait for this week’s theme, which in the end turned out to be as much Spring as it’s Green. It feels a little bit silly, but quite nice at the same time. I had a lot of fun setting it up, trying to get the curtain to stay up among other things.

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Week 9 – Smoke


Ugh, this week…  This is my last week of studying at 200%, and tomorrow I have the exam for my extra module. I really haven’t had time for this, and this is the kind of motif that requires time, time to experiment with light, position, background, editing etc. Safe to say I’m not happy with this week’s photo, but what can you do? It really isn’t more than a rushed snapshot for the sake of the project.

Hopefully after tomorrow, and being back on a normal schedule, I’ll have more time for photography.

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Week 8 – Symmetry


I really enjoyed this week’s theme a lot. Uppsala has so many great buildings that are excellent for this type of photography, especially all of the university buildings. I just brought the camera to campus and made the most of it. I got a lot of pictures I really like and had quite a hard time choosing just one, and the rest will probably appear in a separate post later on. Anyway, in the end I decided on this photo. This is the main building of the Literature Department, the department I’m currently studying at. It’s by far my favourite building at the English Park Campus.

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Week 7 – Water Drop


I thought this would be really difficult and/or uninspiring, but I was wrong!  I had a lot of fun pouring small amounts of water over my cactus, trying to form aesthetically pleasing drops.. Since I needed to get closer to my subject I had to switch to my old lens, which has been quite neglected since the arrival of the Samyang in November. Rediscovering it was great, the excitement over my new lens had obviously made me underestimate it, and the photo turned out a lot better than I expected.

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Week 6 – Edible


Now this was a very interesting exercise for me; it’s quite different from what I usually shoot. When we decided on this week’s theme I immediately envisioned this sort of  Caravaggio-esque still life. I wanted dramatic lighting and a lot of contrast, so I was very pleased with the sun coming in at an oblique angle through the window. Our black furniture came in handy as well.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, exactly the way I imagined it. If I were to change something, it’d be the overexposure on the garlic, and I’d also dust the table haha.

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Snow Day

P1176062 P1176031

I took these photos back in January. We’ve had lovely, early spring weather here these last couple of weeks, and I certainly don’t miss the snow, though I must admit  it does make the landscape look magical. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it yet, but hopefully whatever cold snaps are coming won’t last very long.

Week 5 – Metal


I’ve started my module in Swedish language history, which runs parallel with my literature course for a month, so I don’t have much free time at all. I’m really excited about getting back into linguistics again for a while, but it means I haven’t had the time or energy to put a lot of thought or preparation into this week’s picture. I was quite content with simply photographing something made out of metal, but I had a very specific thing in mind, something repetitive and long, going off in the distance offering up the chance of perspective and bokeh. I had to hunt around a bit for the right kind of structure, every fence and railing around here seems to be made of wood. It certainly made me miss England and all its lethal, spiky metal fences. Eventually I found this fence, which fit my criteria quite well.

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