Why I think the International Men’s Day is important

International Men’s Day, aka IMD, aka today, 19th of November. I’ve known a lot of people to scoff at this day. Only this morning Dan laughed and asked, Is it really necessary? Isn’t every day IMD?  I’ve asked these questions myself before. I used to think the concept was a case of fussy “if you’re having one, we’re […]

A slight change

I’m in a weird place. I feel like I’ve been ideologically, and maybe philosophically, isolated for the last year or so. Keeping to blogs that were entirely in line with my own opinions. It felt good, safe. But the other day I was presented with some different ideas. I cannot put my finger on exactly how they were […]

Boobs on show = no respect?

So a friend uploaded this photo on Facebook. This person is overall sensible, interested in equality and philosophy, but hasn’t got much time for political analysis. We’ve had many discussions where we agree on some level, but we reach completely different conclusions as our approaches are very different. A lot of the time ze doesn’t […]

J. K. Rowling at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

It was fantastic! It was strange, I knew I would enjoy it a lot, but I didn’t expect that I’d get chills when she came onto the stage. It was such an odd feeling. The actual interview was really interesting, she read us a couple of pages from The Casual Vacancy, and I absolutely loved […]