I’ve been all sorts of ill, right now I’m dealing with a minor cold. England seriously messes with my immune system.  I get ill in some way Every. Single. Time. I go there. today I did manage to finally (oh finally) catch up with my editing. Project 365 is comletely out of the window now, […]

Gingerbread Heaven

My Christmas baking adventures continue! This time we made a batch of gingerbread cookies, and it’s the first time I’ve been completely in charge of the process. Not to blow my own trumpet (okay, totally to blow my own trumpet, I love blowing my own trumpet (does that sound dirty to anyone else?)), they turned […]

Shopping, haircuts and favourite words

I am completely and utterly pooped! (Favourite word alert!) Got my hair cut today, which was about time. I always go too long between my appointments, although my hair never gets that bad cus I do take care of it pretty damn well. Then we went shopping, something I always think I’m going to enjoy […]

A taste of Christmas

Me and mum made saffron buns today, precisely a month before Christmas (Swedish Christmas). During the week me and Dan will bake gingerbread. It is still a bit early to start Christmas season, but we need them all to be done for my birthday, and for first of advent (Saturday and Sunday respectively). I generally […]


I’m ill-ish. No sore throat, no runny nose and no actual fever, but it still feels like I have an awful cold. Everything aches. My will to do anything except sit in my slanket, eat chocolate, drink tea and read xoVain is basically zero. Dan (mainly) and Cookie made dinner tonight, amazing lbt chicken burgers […]

I like my Doctor Who like I like my fruit and veg

Had some impromptu days at work yesterday and today, and I’m feeling a cold coming on. I haven’t been on top of my game, so to speak. You know, the incredibly difficult game of keeping up with tumblr and my blog roll, taking my photos and adding writing here… I’ve decided to be lenient, both […]