Shopping, haircuts and favourite words

I am completely and utterly pooped! (Favourite word alert!) Got my hair cut today, which was about time. I always go too long between my appointments, although my hair never gets that bad cus I do take care of it pretty damn well. Then we went shopping, something I always think I’m going to enjoy […]

Immigration Update

So, getting a personnummer was way easier than I had imagined (I mean, for us. We’re privileged, of course). Reading about it online this last year I’ve found some pretty conflicting information, and heard wildly varying stories about how easy or difficult it is to move to a partner in Sweden. During the summer we went to […]

Walpurgis Night – Welcome, fair May

Tonight is Walpurgis night, or Valborg, and as my friend and fellow Uppsala expat said, you never miss Uppsala more than on Walpurgis night. Today is the day we celebrate spring, and the arrival of May. All over Sweden bonfires are lit, fireworks set of and songs praising spring sung. People have their first barbecue of the year. Teenagers get mindnumbingly […]

Keeping an Eye on Mello

I haven’t been following Melodifestivalen (the Swedish part of Eurovision) this year. I don’t have access to Swedish channels, and Mello should really be enjoyed in front of a tv together with a load of people who are as interested in criticising Everything it has to offer as you are, not alone online on SVT Play. I […]