Week 7 – Water Drop


I thought this would be really difficult and/or uninspiring, but I was wrong!  I had a lot of fun pouring small amounts of water over my cactus, trying to form aesthetically pleasing drops.. Since I needed to get closer to my subject I had to switch to my old lens, which has been quite neglected since the arrival of the Samyang in November. Rediscovering it was great, the excitement over my new lens had obviously made me underestimate it, and the photo turned out a lot better than I expected.

Don’t forget to check out Pamela’s photo!


8 thoughts on “Week 7 – Water Drop

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  2. Blev riktigt bra. Men om du vill komma närmare kan ju du antingen köpa macro filter och sätta på linsen eller vända på objektivet. Det sist nämda är dock lite krångligare och få fokus. :)

  3. I came across your beautiful image of water droplets on cactus and am asking permission to use it in a noncommercial way: on the cover of a brochure of a self-guided walking tour of the sustainable items at local nonprofit (solar panels, water cistern, etc) The local nonprofit is The Nature Conservancy in Tucson, AZ. Let me know what you think. Thanks for considering it.

  4. Wonderful, thank you. Of course I will credit you. How would you like the credit to read ©beingtwinflower.wordpress.com? I can email you a pdf of the brochure.It will be a printed brochure, not an online one.

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