Project 52, week 1 – Water

A few weeks ago, me and my friend Pamela resolved to do a Project 52 together, to help us be more consistent with out photography, and possibly to challenge ourselves a bit. Each Sunday we’ll post a new photo, and to make things a little more interesting we decided to have a theme for each week. We’re starting out with Water, as part of an overarching theme of The Elements. It’s going to be really interesting to see how our different styles and approaches will affect how the images turn out. Make sure to check out Pam’s blog to see her photo as well!

(Hopefully this will suit me a little bit better than the Project 365, as it’ll be less demanding. )

So, Week 1 – Water:


There’s this lovely little wilderness not far from our apartment (we’re quite literally on the edge of town) and it has this small lake full of fantastic reeds that immediately jumped to my mind when the first week’s theme was decided. On my first excursion I struggled to get any good photos as everything was frozen, but as the week progressed the temperatures rose and now everything has thawed. I must have looked quite peculiar to passers-by as I arched, kneeled and crawled around on the slope running down to the water. Ah, anything for the Perfect Shot, eh?


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