P7013569 project365 - 076

I will let these thistles represent my stinging wit.

Been taking a few days off after the intensity of November. Like I told Kitty, I got a vry srs post on Moffatt/Doctor Who brewing (lots of disjointed notes on my phone). We’re flying to London tomorrow, then there’s the wedding on Saturday, and then hours in the car to get to Cheltenham on Sunday. But after that I should probably be able to find some time to write it. You have been warned.


3 thoughts on “Thistles

  1. How do you do that thing where the link shows up in my name? I tried to with yours but it just left an empty space. Do you need to okay that sort of thing? Maybe I have a different setting :S

    • You just write the word/sentence you want to have as a link, then you highlight the entire thing an press the link button at the top, it looks sort of like a paperclip. It will give you options to paste the link, choose how it should be opened etc.

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