I’m just Being Honest

There’s this person I know who says the meanest things. She will make a point out of saying absolutely anything, no matter how hurtful or irrelevant, as long as it is true.

“What I said might have been awful and made you really, really upset, but that doesn’t make me a bad person because I’m just Being Honest.”

Honesty is, supposedly, some kind of virtue, and will automatically make you a better person. And I completely, one hundred percent, disagree. Honesty is bullshit. At least if you’re going to approach it like that.

I once read someone defining honesty as meaning what you say, not saying everything you think, and it was the most on point distinction I had seen in a while. That is honesty as a good trait, a virtue if you will. I don’t think you necessarily have to say everything you think just to be an honest person. I don’t think keeping the truth from someone will by default make you a bad person. On the other hand, saying everything and anything you think, without any kind of regard for other people’s feelings, hiding behind the guise of “honesty” – that’s mean. No matter how truthful you are, that’s still the case.

By all means, be a prick. Just be honest about the fact that you put the brute in brutally honest.

Ah well. Rant over. This is something that has exasperated me for a long, long time. Now the only question is if I should be so honest as to let this person know what I really think.


What do you think?

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