Gingerbread Heaven

My Christmas baking adventures continue!

This time we made a batch of gingerbread cookies, and it’s the first time I’ve been completely in charge of the process. Not to blow my own trumpet (okay, totally to blow my own trumpet, I love blowing my own trumpet (does that sound dirty to anyone else?)), they turned out delish.


I always forget what a laborious affair it is, and my back is killing me. But it is so much fun! The scent sent me straight to gingerbread heaven, and Dan had to be very stern with me to keep the Christmas music rule enforced: no Christmas music before December.  Cookie, my wittle brother, is even stricter, and wants to keep Christmas to an absolute minimum (approx three days). Well, on December 1 I will laugh in his face as I turn up the volume on my favourite Christmas album (A Very She & Him Christmas).

Anyway. Now we have loads and loads of gingery loveliness, and hopefully it’s enough to get us through December.



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