Shopping, haircuts and favourite words

I am completely and utterly pooped! (Favourite word alert!)

Got my hair cut today, which was about time. I always go too long between my appointments, although my hair never gets that bad cus I do take care of it pretty damn well. Then we went shopping, something I always think I’m going to enjoy but usually don’t. Among other things I got a pair of shoes that will kill my feet if I do any substantial amount of standing up in them. I always, always, prefer flats, even when dressing up, but we are going to a wedding next weekend (in England, yay!), and you just can’t show up for a wedding in your every day comfy boots, now can you?

(Can you?)

(No. No, you can’t.)


I also got a new string of fairy lights. I’m maybe a bit too excited about that. I lovelovelove fairy lights. Had to put them up straight away, despite being (here it comes again!) pooped.

Now my legs are hurting, my eyes are stinging and I’m really thirsty. I am now going to go correct all of these wrongs while you tell me your favourite word(s). Go on!


5 thoughts on “Shopping, haircuts and favourite words

  1. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, no just kidding. It’s ‘arse’, I tend to say that a lot to myself. Or savvy. Because of reasons.

    • There are too many brilliant words to just have one favourite! Another one of mine is “cling” for cling film, cus Nigella says it and she’s brilliant. And it’s so much fun to say. And Dan hates it lol.

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