A taste of Christmas

Me and mum made saffron buns today, precisely a month before Christmas (Swedish Christmas). During the week me and Dan will bake gingerbread. It is still a bit early to start Christmas season, but we need them all to be done for my birthday, and for first of advent (Saturday and Sunday respectively). I generally view my birthday as the official start of Christmas fun times. At least I approve of Christmas music and julmust after the 30th. Because I am the dictator of Christmas in this household.

I’ve spent all of today reading about Gallifreyan and Time  Lord history. I haven’t quite made my mind up about last night’s episode. I liked it (apart from som unavoidable Moffat-isms), but I wasn’t nearly as overwhelmed as the fandom at large seemed to be. I need to watch it again and check it against wider DW canon before I can wrap my head around it properly. That’s my plan for tonight, re-watch the Day of the Doctor and have a small taste of Christmas (ie. share a saffron bun with Dan).



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