Tennant Thursday

Yay, alliteration! At least if you say it in an Irish accent. Moving on. I’m at Kitty’s, and we’re having a Tennant themed movie (or more like TV) night.  We’re having dinner and then veggies with dip, nachos, cheese cubes and tea. An eclectic mix. On my request we’re watching The Christmas InvasiIMG_20131107_163846on. We’ve also got Broadchurch, Casanova and QI lined up. Among other things. Maybe some Hamlet too, I’ve been longing to rewatch it for ages now.

Very jealous of Kitty’s various Doctor Who paraphernalia. Her bedroom is like fangirl headquarters.

Now I’m gonna stop being rude and pay attention to the TV screen instead of my tablet.


2 thoughts on “Tennant Thursday

  1. Ack, I want to press the favourite button but where is it..? ;) Had a lovely evening! Tears of laughter and other… :P

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