Objectivity, or Being Right

So, this might be a bit of a big question to start out with but, is there such a thing as objective truth? I mean, can a person ever be objectively right or wrong?

Me and my partner discuss things a lot. Sometimes it’s more of an argument, sometimes it’s more like a debate. Generally we’re pretty much in agreement, but often our discussions still end with him exclaiming “You’re always right!”. And he’s not being entirely sarcastic; a lot of the time he really means it. It frustrates him, and it makes me wonder if I really am Always Right. Of course, I think I am. I wouldn’t be arguing for my standpoint if I didn’t. But it makes me wonder what “right” means. Am I objectively right?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no. I’m not objectively right. What I am is consistent.

Let me elaborate.

I believe everyone has a core attitude to life, a base assumption about good or bad, or might I say right or wrong. I suppose you could call it personal moral, but I’d rather not. I think even people who aren’t aware of it, or who claim to have no ideology or agenda, have this deeply rooted idea about the world. From this foundation principle people form their opinions on various matters. Your opinions will either match this core assumption, in which case you’re consistent and can successfully argue for your point of view, or they won’t, in which case you’ll experience cognitive dissonance.

(Quick note: my understanding of both psychology and philosophy is very basic. My entire line of though might be incredibly flawed (or possibly terribly unoriginal) (yes, I love parenthesis within parenthesis). In that case I stand corrected, but at least it goes well with the theme of this entry.)

I am very much aware of my own foundation outlook. I’m very familiar with it, and I take joy in checking new thoughts and ideas against it. On top of this, I’m a logical person. I am very consistent, I argue very successfully for what I believe in. I can see how this has the effect of making it seem like I’m always right, or, from a less charitable perspective, incredibly cocky and/or pig-headed.

So, let me once again return to my original question: is there such a thing as being objectively right or wrong?  If there isn’t, does that mean that everyone’s opinion is equally valuable? (Short answer: no. Long answer here.)

What do you think?


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