Starting NaBloPoMo in the best possible way – a day too late.

Still gonna do it though.

November is my month. As in, it is the month leading up to my birthday. I just made it in time to be a November child. I’d like to think that I light up an otherwise dreary month for friends and family. The shining light that is my birthday, the whole of November nothing but a countdown.

Seriously though, it is a very empty month. I’d like to adopt the British bonfire night, such a cosy event that would give nice symmetry to the Swedish year of celebrations, with Walpurgis, Swedish bonfire night,  at the end of April. Fire always brightens things up (sorry not sorry).

Of course, December is the month of shining lights, but they are a vital part of getting through November as well. Candles, open fires, hot drinks and the entire autumn comfort cliché parade.  Warmth and light, they’re popular for a reason I suppose. I read about a town in Norway, situated in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Its location meant the entire village went without sunlight from September to April.  Now, with the help of mirrors mounted up on the mountain side they’re finally going to get some sunshine during the winter months as well.

Well, the gloom is not here quite yet. I’m going to seize this opportunity to enjoy some autumn sun . Starting November in the best possible way – with sunshine.


What do you think?

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