A slight change

I’m in a weird place. I feel like I’ve been ideologically, and maybe philosophically, isolated for the last year or so. Keeping to blogs that were entirely in line with my own opinions. It felt good, safe. But the other day I was presented with some different ideas. I cannot put my finger on exactly how they were different, in actual fact they are not far removed from what I already believe. It was more a different attitude than a different opinion. A different approach. And it resonated with me. It felt like how I used to think before, but still compatible with what I’ve learnt since. I don’t know, it just feels more constructive in some way? I might write about the actual issue in more detail later, but first I feel like I need to explore (or maybe rediscover) it more.

It’s a little bit scary, but at the same time a refreshing challenge.

When was the last time you re-evaluated something that was important to you?


One thought on “A slight change

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