Immigration Update

So, getting a personnummer was way easier than I had imagined (I mean, for us. We’re privileged, of course). Reading about it online this last year I’ve found some pretty conflicting information, and heard wildly varying stories about how easy or difficult it is to move to a partner in Sweden. During the summer we went to Migratonsverket, with the idea that it’d take a couple of months for them to process our anhoriginvandring case. Instead we were faced with “approximately a year”(!) of waiting. Ugh. Swedish bureaucracy.

Thank fuck Dad has a friend who’s gone through the same process with his partner. We were told to go directly to Skatteverket instead, and after proving we lived together in England for more than six months the personnummer arrived within two weeks! I couldn’t believe it, and it kept me hyper all afternoon. Dan received a letter of welcome from the county today, with some vouchers inside it. Very cute. Now we’re in the process of finding out what to do about Swedish for Immigrants, as we will be moving to a different county in January.

Anyway, if anyone’s in a similar situation to the one we were in (EU citizen wanting to move to a Swedish partner), feel free to ask me about it. I would have really appreciated having someone to talk to before we figured it all out.

Oh, and btw. I’ve properly gotten into Doctor Who now (took me long enough). Late to the party, but ow, the feels.  Constantly obsessing about Tennant as well 😍 Me and Kitty are planning a Tennant themed evening in the near future. Might get messy.


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