What have I got on my head??

So this is how I dry my hair now.


Since I started no ‘pooing around 18 months ago I’ve become a lot more interested in my hair. Before I’d wash it, brush it out, let it air dry, let it do whatever it wanted to really. Nothing horrendous. I’ve learnt so much since then, especially about how to protect my hair.

A few examples: I never ever brush my hair when it’s wet, I sleep with my hair braided or in a bun and I am careful with how I towel it. I’ve been using a normal towel, not to rub my hair dry, but just as a turban like wrap around it. But normal towels aren’t really that great for hair. It’s better to use microfiber ones, or, if you don’t have one like me, cotton t-shirts. So that’s what I have on my head. I stole one of Dan’s long-sleeved t-shirts and I tied it around my head.

I’ve gotten a few funny looks from the other inhabitants of this house, but my hair is happy. And to be fair, I don’t think it’s a bad look…



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