Condoms are severely underrated

It’s been nearly a month since I stopped taking THE PILL. I don’t know how long it takes for the effects to completely leave your body, but I feel kind of… happier? I feel more. More positive things. I don’t know if it’s the pill leaving me, or spring coming along, or both. Or reverse placebo? It doesn’t matter much. I’m feeling a lot more optimistic, and that is what matters.

Except it’s shit that I’ve been feeling low for quite a while, and what if it was because of my contraceptive?  I know that in some places it’s important to assert people’s, women’s, right to birth control. In Sweden we need to go the other way, at least when it comes to the hormonal ones. The pill is given out to teenage girls as if it were sweets. I’ve been taking mine since I was 16. I don’t even know how much they have affected me, because I’ve never been a fully grown person without them.

Among the side effects of the pills are depression, decreased sex drive and even death. Doesn’t sound very sexy. Kind of defeats the purpose in a lot of cases. No one seems to be placing much importance on this though. As long as the dreaded teenage pregnancy is avoided it doesn’t matter how our young girls and women feel. Oh, and the fish. Excess oestrogen leaves the body with urine and gets flushed out into surface water, affecting the reproductive systems of fish.

I’m very happy with my decision (well, we’ll see how I feel when my menstrual cramps return heh). I really hope we will see a change in attitudes back home. Young people with ovaries need to be properly informed and presented with more options than one, and non hormonal birth control deserve more cred.

Condoms are severely underrated.


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