Just keep swinging

I have a very distinct set of feelings when it comes to swings. They make me feel happy, energized, melancholic and sentimental. Even romantic. I think a swing set is really a very beautiful thing.

From childhood it represents a joy, shared with a parent or someone else who cares for you, someone bigger than you who is happy to help you out. In rain or shine, it is a mini carousel ride, free and safe. As you get older you share it with your friends. Hanging out at the playground, it’s a more dynamic sitting place than a café or living room.  You can sit on the swings for hours, as the sun sets, the scents of summer spread and the air gets chillier. It can be a place of solitary reflection, the slow swinging helping you meditate on your confusing feelings while you feet drag over the ground, making lines in the gravel.

The motion in itself is thrilling, it goes through your heart into the middle of your belly where it flutters. The air swishes through your hair. You swish through the air. It feels like freedom. At a slower rhythm the swinging is peaceful, hypnotizing and calming.

It is a shame swinging is not more common among adults.

I think this needs to happen everywhere:


What do you think?

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