A broken kettle, sunshine and quinoa

I slept until ten this morning, and I woke up most reluctantly. Dan cruelly opened the curtains (it hurts, but it works) and then made it up to me by making me breakfast. The kettle broke last night, leaving us completely crestfallen. How are we supposed to have our hot drinks now? Two years ago I used the microwave for everything, and could not understand why anyone would need a kettle. Well, look at me now, confusedly boiling water on the stove. We get comfortable so quickly.

It was quite warm and sunny, so I convinced Dan to walk to the store with me. By the time we came home the sun had broken through the clouds properly, so we enjoyed lunch outside. I stayed outside reading for a couple of hours, but as the clouds came back it became too chilly. We’re still some way away from summer.

While we were at the store I got stuck at the grains shelf for a while. I’ve been debating with myself over whether or not we should try quinoa. I’ve read that increasing international demand has caused the price to rise, resulting in it being too dear for many who have earlier relied on it as a staple in their diet. I’ve also read conflicting information, claiming that the export is a positive thing. On a purely selfish level it is an excellent and healthy (pseudo)grain, and I’d really like to try it. Anyone got any thoughts on the issue?


What do you think?

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