Stand up straight!

So apparently sitting down is like really, really dangerous. Like really bad for you.

Of course I knew that it’s bad to sit down too much, that it’s not good to have a sedentary lifestyle et cetera, et cetera. But now I just read about how sitting down too much has negative consequences, even if you’re pretty good at exercising once you’re done sitting down. It’s bad for your joints, spine, general posture and health.

Only yesterday I was complaining to Dan about back pain…

So what am I doing now? Well, I moved some stuff around in the bookcase, so right now I am standing at my very own stand up desk! Hello Health! Let’s see how long this lasts.


4 thoughts on “Stand up straight!

  1. Well isn’t that just great! Apparently we can’t do anything without getting sick from it. Ugh, really makes me lose the will to live because what’s the point if everything I do/enjoy is just going to make me sick in some way?

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