Denim Jacket

It’s sunny, and in the garden it’s not even windy. It’s almost warm. My denim jacket, newly washed, hangs on the line, drying. In just over two hours we’re going to watch some football, and I really, really want to wear it. I won’t, because outside the walls surrounding the yard it’s windy and not very warm at all. My jacket represents all of my wishes and longings, as it gently sways to and fro in the warm sunshine. Siting on the decking, watching it, feeling the scent of newly washed clothes, you can almost pretend it’s real spring, and not just this disappointing fake spring we’ve had so far. Forecasts say it’s coming in approximately a week. They’ve been saying that for weeks now though. It never happens. Although this time I think it will. Either that or we’ll go on forever with this not quite winter, not quite spring weather we’ve had since November.  I’m rooting for the first option.

Either way I will wear my new sunglasses, because sunshine. And because they’re awesome. They would look even more awesome with my denim jacket, as opposed to my winter coat, but oh well.

round sunglasses

Too cool for winter clothes.


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