Magic latte

I’ve been craving lattes for the last couple of days. We went out for coffee yesterday, but that did not satisfy my thirst. Now since café coffee is such a rare and precious substance (apparently) it is priced accordingly, and it would simply not be sustainable to have some every day, so I’ve been trying to make my own latte. Oh, the whisking! But not matter how hard I try it’s just not the same. I’ve even googled some recipes to see if I’m missing something, but nope… coffee and heated milk. What do they do to their coffee to make it so delicious?? Surely it can’t simply be that the foam is foamier? Do they secretly add cocaine to it? Is that why it’s so expensive? So many questions… we will never know.

(I’m not a coffee addict, unlike a lot of people I know. I can’t tell the difference between good coffee and bad coffee. I just… I really like lattes.)


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