An Exciting Weekend

Omg u guyz, my life is, like, so interesting at the moment.

The weekend is here. Yesterday I worked until two (short shifts ftw) and then I came home, researched the layout of Hogwarts for a map-thingy I’ve got going on (I’m telling you, not the easiest thing in the world, but for my own very personal reasons (I’m a bit obsessed with direction and layout, always creating floor plans of buildings in my mind (wow, parenthsisception)) I need to have some sort of map of Hogwarts, one that isn’t the Warner Bros one, because it’s so not canon) and then I played Pokémon and read blogs until bedtime.

Today I’ve got the day off. It’s miserable outside (nothing new there) and our plans for the day include going grocery shopping and cleaning out the guinea pigs’ cage. To make matters worse, this morning I actually woke up from a dream about cleaning the guinea cage!

Tomorrow I’m working.

I have a lot of time off during the weeks, but of course everyone else (Dan) is working, so I just spend that time lounging around the house reading or going out for walks. I have a lot of time for myself, and I both love it and arffdrfaujggrahjf not hate it, but as I’ve written before, it really frustrates me at times. Still, the closer I get to actually doing something (flying home for a week on Wed, yay!) the easier I find it to just relax (lol) and enjoy it. And I know that once I’m back at uni I’m really going to miss doing nothing for days.

Oh well, that cage isn’t going to clean itself. It’s time for me to go revisit my wildest dreams!


2 thoughts on “An Exciting Weekend

    • Lol it’s deffo something worth having. The amount of time I imagine myself walking around the castle (still!), having some concept of basic layout really helps. If I like the result I’ll post it here :)

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