Visting Home

I’ve got time off work and the flights are booked – I’m going home for a week in less than two weeks! All I need to do now is buy the train tickets. Whee, I can’t wait! It has been six months since I last went home, and it really is about time. I think about my brother who stayed for a year in Japan, and one of my best friends who lived in California for a year, and I’m very grateful England and Sweden aren’t too far apart. A two-hour flight and a few hours on trains and in cars and I’ll be stepping over my own threshold. It’s still a day’s worth of travel and quite exhausting, but I remember back when I made that trip every other month (feeling guilty about my carbon foot print? YES), and I really can’t complain.

I made dad’s tuna pasta sauce today. It was yummy, but lacked Swedish cheese. After family, friends and cat, I think the food is what I miss the most. What I don’t miss? Snow and dark. They both better piss off before I arrive at Arlanda! My brother is picking me up and wheee I can’t wait.


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