Dead People in Boats

Here’s another one of the poems I found yesterday. It’s a bit sillier and reading it again made me laugh. It was inspired by a song from Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End (haha, I know) of the same name. Anyway, here it is.

Dead people in boats

On the stream
floating away
the souls of those
who couldn’t  stay

The mist is thick
and pearly white
muffles all sounds
reduces the sight

Who can tell
where they’ll go?
Where Styx is  heading
I don’t know

In a landscape so raw
on a steady  stream
I see dead people in boats
in my hazy dream

Now that’s what I call poetry. It rhymes and everything!

(Not sure about the categorisation of this. It’s hardly deep, is it?)


What do you think?

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