Perfect Illusions

TW: This post contains a poem abstractly describing an eating disorder.

I went through the folders in my email and found one filled with poems I wrote when I was 16/17. To my surprise the experience wasn’t all that mortifying, and I even found a few I really liked. It made me think I should maybe have another go at amusing myself with poetry. We will see.

Anyway, here is one of my favourites. It’s called Perfect Illusions, and I wrote it after a friend told me something important.

Perfect illusions
and thin lies
Skinny dreams
and poison in your soul
The Beautiful are small
so small they can’t be seen

Thin illusions
and perfect lies
Poisonous dreams
and skinny soul
The Small are beautiful
so beautiful they can’t be seen

The Swedish original:

Perfekta illusioner
och smala lögner
Taniga drömmar
och gift i själen
De vackra är små
så små att de inte syns

Smala illusioner
och perfekta lögner
Giftiga drömmar
och tanig i  själen
De små är vackra
så vackra att de inte syns

Maybe not as deep or opaque as I thought at the time, but I still like it. After doing poetry in one of my literature modules at Uni I’ve wanted to read more poetry in my free time as well, but I never seem to be able to remember it long enough to buy some.

What do you think about poetry? Dull or exciting? What’s your favourite poem, and who’s your favourite poet?


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