How does it blog?

Hello, everyone!

*crickets chirping*

It’s another miserable day here in sunny England, but I have been promised an early spring commencing any day now. As much as I missed the snow around Christmas, I now appreciate not having to endure the long and painful wait for it all to melt away. Here in England we’re already in late March, by my reckoning. Either way, the weather is not very conducive to going outside, and I haven’t touched my camera in I don’t know how long! It’s a crying shame, but I just don’t feel like photographing more grey skies, and soggy parks. Instead I have been sitting in my new slanket (omg u guyz, it’s so cosy), reading.

So I made it all the way through Silmarillion, The Hobbit and even The Fellowship of the Ring. That has never, and I repeat never, happened before, and I’ve tried it three times. The difference this time is that I have actually enjoyed it! I have just started The Two Towers. Dan claims it’s the best book ever written, but we’ll see about that. I’m extremely hard to impress when it comes to books (yes pretentious) and I couldn’t actually name a single book that is my all time favourite; I’ve just read way too many. I am glad I’ve found my way back to the joy of reading again though. Uni somehow took it out of me a bit, but now I have several books lined up and waiting, and I have to restrain myself not to rush through each new book I start to just get on to the next one out of sheer eagerness to just read.

As I spend nearly all of my time reading at the moment (when I’m not reading fiction I’m reading blogs and online articles) I felt I needed to balance it with some writing. Some output to balance all the input. Create as well as consume. Empty my brain a bit, instead of just perpetually filling it. (Okay, I already do that by talking a lot, but still). Now that I’ve managed that I can calmly return to my reading.

Yours etc.

Ps. How much cooler is Frodo in the book, compared to the Movies? He actually has another mode than “whining”. To be fair, I can’t imagine myself handling the situation much better than  Movie Frodo, but the lack of whining really makes for much pleasanter reading.


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