I actually bought a tablet

I’ m quite a frugal person, I ideologically disapprove of consumerism and spending a lot of money often makes me nervous. But I’ve been working (not hard, but still) and I’ve been saving, and now I’m writing this from my brand new Microsoft Surface!

It's so shiny!

It’s so shiny!

I’ve only had it since last night, but I can already tell it’s going to make my Life that Little bit more convenient. I spend a lot of my free time with my laptop, which is awesome but huge and, because of that and a failing battery, not that portable anymore. It really is one of those tiny inconveniences, but I often find myself putting off going to the bathroom simply because I can’t be bothered to get out from under my laptop. The tablet will surely help with that. Also, it’s like totally awesome and so cool.
Anyway, I just wanted to try out blogging from it. Here, have a picture I made in an app called Fresh Paint:
sunny day

PS. Her name is Éowyn. My tablet, that is. What, I was told to name it!


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