The blog has apparently turned into a gallery, basically identical to my flickr. Ugh. So here’s an actual post, yay!

I have a cold at the moment, it’s not bad but I do have a sore throat, which makes it very hard to sit and smile and make pleasant conversation with the customers. It’s a good thing I only work more than four hours in a row once a week. This week I’ve spent all of my free time in bed, hoping to recover, besides yesterday when we went out for a meal. We were going to go to the cinema as well, but we were both just too exhausted. Dan had this cold last week, which resulted in a lot of his workload getting shifted over to this week = very stressed and tired Dan. I do hope he’ll get an easier time later this month. His birthday is in pretty much a month, and some free time paired with some money finally coming in (damned be bureaucracy) might mean a really pleasant time for the both of us.

In the meantime I’ll keep on alternating between work and bed, escaping the cold that has finally made its way to England. There might even be snow tomorrow! Imagine the excitement/chaos. Dan says the school might even close haha. It will be like back home in 1998, except with a couple of centimetres of snow instead of a metre and a half. Either way I do look forward to seeing some snow, so I do hope we get some.


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