Birthday photos

P1110586retI had a good day yesterday. It started out with a few cards and presents while I was having breakfast. My parents gave me some money, a few pairs of tights (they do know how quickly I get through them!) and a really nice leather skirt. I also received some jewellery and chocolate from Dan and his family.


I got the two top beads from Dan’s parents

Dan gave me this lovely jade set, which I later wore out.

Dan gave me this lovely jade set, which I later wore out

Dan had to leave for work, so I went food shopping with his mum. We went to Whole Foods Market which has recently opened here in Cheltenham, and I bitterly regret not bringing my camera, it was so overwhelming! I walked around in a bit of a daze, looking at all the beautifully displayed food. It was quite marvellous. I found some proper chai latte, some lovely liquorice tea and some delicious rose lemonade.

P1110604retWe returned, I enjoyed a bit of all of my new drinks together with a piece of an amazing chocolate birthday cake. During the afternoon I talked to my parents, brother and grandparents on Skype, and I got quite homesick. When Dan came home we got ready for a meal out with a couple of friends, and rounded off the evening in the coziest pub ever, where a few more people joined us.

What I wore

What I wore

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

All in all I had a really lovely birthday, and now I am 22! Quite a nice and even number, don’t you think?




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