A birthday box

I’ve been working quite a lot this week, at least compared to my usually quite empty schedule. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, indeed. Yesterday I spent watching the entire third season of Downton Abbey, something that was also quite draining. I know it’s bad for me, but it feels so good. Now I can’t wait for the Christmas special.

I woke up quite early today, as Dan was leaving. He’d hardly left before he came back, carrying a big box of lovely things from Sweden! I thought it was my order for Christmas food, and thought my parents must have been a little bit too eager to send it off, but it was indeed a birthday box. In it was a couple of presents I will save for tomorrow, a nail clipper (I struggle finding good ones that manage to cut through my nails of steel), some Polly and two bottles of this:


The greatest of the greatest, that is, my favourite Julmust, the greatest soft drink in the world. Strangely enough it never does well when reviewed by other people, but in my family it is considered the best julmust out there. Together with the surprise of the present it will make a very enjoyable birthday, even though I will miss my family. Of course I have Dan with me, but this is the first time ever I won’t celebrate my birthday at home and it feels strange.

My grandfather just called me so we could congratulate each other on our respective birthdays, as his is on Saturday. It was very nice talking to him. He doesn’t call me as often now as he used to when I lived in Uppsala, because of the extra costs for the both of us, and although he is more of a talker than a listener I do enjoy talking to him. I am feeling quite homesick at the moment, but we have a nice dinner out planned for tomorrow, and I will try to focus on all the fun of birthday and Christmas food, and gifts. It’s time for me to get out of bed properly. I have a habit of making breakfast and then getting back into bed to eat it, and I then tend to stay like that for hours. But now I’ll get up and shower, and maybe I’ll even get dressed!



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