Talking of early birthday presents

I drink a lot of water, and I prefer bottles with sport caps to glasses, as they are easy to carry with you and keep in bed with you (I don’t have a bedside table on my side of the bed). I usually buy a new plastic bottle of mineral water every now and then and then fill it up with filtered tap water. However, I’ve been concerned about the plastic leaking toxins into my water, as I keep the bottles for so long, so for my birthday I asked Dan for a Klean Kanteen. A couple of days ago I decided to wash out my old plastic bottle as it was getting a bit grimy but I didn’t want to buy a new one so close to my birthday. However, after washing it I couldn’t get rid of the taste of washing up liquid, so last night Dan said I could have my birthday present early as it had already arrived. Yay!

So pretty! The bottle isn’t bad either.

It’s all purple and pretty! Now I can stop worrying about plastic toxins and hormonal changes. I’ve certainly been putting it to good use today. With this it’s like Dara Ó Briain said, I don’t drink, I hydrate!

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Friday. So long!


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