I’ve had a proper no ‘poo pampering day today, with an SMT hairmask, honey and lemon facemask, African Black Soap body scrub and finally I cut my own hair! Not like all haphazardly and dramatically, I just trimmed my split ends using Faye’s self-trimming method. I’ve been needing a trim for a while now, and being as poor as I am I decided not to waste any money going to a hairdresser but rather do it on my own. However, I haven’t cut my own hair since I was 5 (and the result back then was far from satisfactory, at least from where I’m standing now) so I’ve been putting it off for a while.

Anyway, I finally went through with it today, and it’s looking good! I might have been a bit too careful and not cut off enough, but I’ll leave it til tomorrow to have another look with fresh eyes and see if I need to go over it again.

My ends after one trimming. Do they need another one?

I might even have to wash it again, since all that conditioner always seems to cling to my hair like there’s no tomorrow and the pressure in the shower here just isn’t enough to get it out of my hair in one go. It has also made my hair smell slightly artificial, something I’m not very used to anymore. It’s been over a year since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner, and nowadays all the scent I get is the lemon in my balancing rinse, and the bit of lavender essential oil I occasionally add to it. Every time I do SMT and have to use conditioner I am quite overwhelmed by all the synthetic fragrances, and although they’re not exactly unpleasant I can’t wait to get to my normal smell of me.

Either way I’m happy with my now fresher, moisturized and shiny hair. Dan will be back from his course in an hour and then we’re going out for a meal, maybe even another Nando’s (I really cannot get enough). Although the weather outside is truly frightful I’m looking forward to it.

Au revoir!


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