Another straggly entry

Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work the sun was shining, the sky was clear blue and the car window was covered with frost. Dan, who was driving me, commented that it was a proper winter day. As much as I swear and complain about the snow in March this did make me a bit sad. This, proper winter? No snow? Is this what Christmas is going to be like? Of course, it has its advantages, mainly clothes and temperature based.

Today it’s been rainy and grey instead. If yesterday and last week is anything to go by it appears my working days will be sunny and lovely, while my days off are like this. At least the windows by the check-outs are huge! I’ve spent the day looking at Christmas presents and Christmas jumpers. The knitted snowflakes on the jumpers make quite an interesting contrast to the wet and dull weather, but I have experienced snow here before so I have not given up hope! Weirdly enough today has reminded me of the day I flew over in mid June. You’d imagine that there couldn’t be more contrast, but that is unfortunately what this summer was like.

Dividing my time between England and Sweden has really made me obsessed with weather and seasons. Then again, nothing a true Swede wouldn’t be interested in! You know, as opposed to all of those fake Swedes the Sweden Democrats insist are trying to take over.

Later this evening I’ll be braving the wind as we’re going to our weekly pub quiz (I missed it last week and they won! Typical!), but now it is time to celebrate being indoors with some kind of hot beverage and Jane Eyre.



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