Monday Greetings to you all! Yesterday I had my first day at (any) work (ever). It was super scary! I received minimal training, and all of a sudden I was sitting there on my own, facing customers, operating a complicated(-ish) machine! It went well though, and I returned home exhausted but pleased. I haven’t had a proper long productive day out of the house like this in over three years (i.e. since I left school for uni) and I’m obviously not used to it.

I was so tired when I got in I couldn’t even find the energy to play Sims, something I’ve become re-addicted to in the last couple of days. My last Sims period was in July, so it was about time I got the Sims bug again! Today I’ve been spending all day with the Bennet family, and they just had a little baby! Yay! I really do appreciate how gentle my first taste of working life is going to be. As it’s temp work I’m starting out working only one day a week, with the opportunity to add some more hours throughout the week when I’m more settled. Hopefully my employment will carry on and become perm next year, but we will see about that.

Those Christmas decorations in the last post really got me in the Holiday spirit, and I’ve even been dreaming about Christmas. All the early ads on tv don’t help, even though I almost never watch any tv. I’ve been informed my brother has already started drinking julmust as well. It really is way to early for all of this, but as a lover of Christmas I shouldn’t really complain. I keep finding myself looking through the M&S gift guide and Christmas food for order catalogue, so I suppose I’m no better myself really.

Oh well, now I have a little baby sim to take care of. Have a nice evening everyone!


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