NaNoWriMo update 2

So basically I have stopped writing. Why? Well, I simply don’t like my story. It wasn’t very well planned out before I started, and when I just went with the flow it started out quite depressing, and even though I managed to get it away from that I still don’t like where it is. I don’t find it interesting and I don’t particularly like the characters. Every time I’ve reached the word count goal of the day I feel this huge relief, and every morning I feel quite dismayed at going back to the story. Every time I sit down to write I actually feel quite bad, so I’ve made the decision to leave it completely and try again next year. A couple of days ago I had a lovely idea for another story, one that I feel a lot more enthusiastic about, but it’s too late to change now. So instead I have a year to properly think about that idea, and hopefully next November I’ll be better prepared to write a story I actually like and enjoy.

Enough of that. I’ve been watching lots of Minecraft tutorials on YouTube, and although I don’t play myself I got inspired. So instead I’m back into Sims again! We’ll see how long this period lasts, usually I get at least a couple of weeks of fun out of it before I tire. I love designing characters and building houses, but for some reason I often lose interest after a while in playing mode. I think I’m too keen on having everything perfect and idyllic, everyone being good at everything and everyone being best friends. It gets tiring. To counteract this I decided to play with the Goth family. They’re reasonably dysfunctional, grumpy and unpleasant, and I think I’ll get back to getting proper joy out of the game with them as I don’t feel the same need for “perfection”.

So today it’s Friday. On Sunday I have my first proper day at work! Eek! I’m actually really nervous, although logically I do realise that being a temp cashier cannot be that much more challenging than three years at university. Oh well, I’ve never actually had a proper job before, but I’m more than used to an educational environment, so I suppose my nervousness is quite understandable. I am looking forward to making my own money though!

Now I really need to eat something, I’m starving! I’ve been sooo hungry lately, I don’t know if it’s me or the food. I’m not going to ignore it either way. Snack time!


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