NaNoWriMo update

So we’re on day five. Saturday I was way too busy (training for my new job, I got it, yay! It’s only temp, but . with the possibility of a more permanent position later on) to write anything at all and I’m still trying to catch up. It’s about as much writing I can be bothered to do in a day, so I predict a quite month here on the blog.

Today is Bonfire night. We were supposed to go see the fireworks during the weekend, but it was raining so much we didn’t want to go outside, and it was probably canceled. I do hope I’ll get to see som fireworks tonight though, although there won’t be an actual bonfire.

I’ve been looking at dog training videos all day. Having taken care of Dan’s cousin’s dog a couple of times now I really want to be more in control on our walks, and it’d be very useful for when we get our own dog in the future. I’m still absolutely in love with pugs, but I’m becoming quite fond of pit bulls as well. It’ll be a long time before we can get a dog though, so we will have a lot of time deciding what breed to get, and whether to buy a puppy or adopt an older dog (I’m leaning towards adopting myself, Dan wants a little one).

I am dying from hungry but I have to push on! Today I really do hope to catch up!



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