Dealing with Monotony (with the help of Chocolate)

The last couple of days my inactivity has really got to me and I’ve been very grumpy and generally unpleasant. When nearly four months are spent in the same room, with only small breaks for walks outside, no amount of books, tv,  blogs, twitter, news articles, forums or whatever is going to be enough some days.

At the end of the term, when I was finishing my dissertation, I was feeling awful as well. I was overworked, tired of studying after being in education nonstop for 15 years. Graduating was awesome, and I couldn’t wait to do nothing for a while. Of course, that passed fairly quickly, and now I am frequently crawling the walls.

Yesterday we went to a pub quiz. It was a lot of fun, we did pretty well and it cheered me up. Our team’s name is Bucks Quiz (I don’t get it). The winning team’s name was Quiz on my face (I do get that). My good mood carried on today. I’ve been researching tablets, and as much as I dislike it, the prospect of new stuff doesimprove my mood. On Friday I have another job interview. It’s nothing fancy, and only part time, but it’d be some time spent out of the house and some money. All I need at the moment. An easygoing job, some money to get by, and lots of free time so my brain is happy and well rested for more studies next Autumn.

It’s sunny outside. That does help. KT Tunstall is on my Spotify and I have a small piece of chocolate just waiting to be eaten. I’m trying to stay away from sweets in the weeks (going for the system of Lördagsgodis), but I am considering eating it. Yes, today is a good day. And a small piece of chocolate would make it better.


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