It’s Friday, and for the first time for months I actually feel the weekend coming up. Having no commitments turns every day into a weekend, but now when Dan is busy a lot of the time I have at least that to differentiate weekdays from weekends. We went food shopping and I went a bit mental with the weekend snacks. In the end we came home with two different kinds of cheese, some bbq chicken, houmous (had to look that one up, do you have any idea of how many different spellings there are for this stuff?), dark chili chocolate, crisps and wine. The makings of a good Friday night, in other words.

Trying on the Halloween props in Sainsbury’s

Next week I have another job interview, and of course I really hope I’ll get it. I just worry about getting time off for Christmas. I really want to celebrate it in Sweden with my family. On top of that we have a trip to Italy planned in late June (Tuscany, yay!), and I am also going to have to take time off to do the entrance exam to the master programme I want to attend next Autumn, and I worry about getting that time off for those occasions as well.  I suppose I’m worrying too much, analyzing too much, and definitely thinking ahead too much haha. Either way, I’ll just have to wait and see. I mean, I have to actually get the job first!

Now it’s time to watch last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and drink some coconut coffee (it’s yummy and it moisturizes your lips!). Happy Friday!


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