Dara O Briain, Craic Dealer

Props on the stage

So Thursday night, some mexican food and stand up comedy (or, more importantly, Dara O Briain’s Craic Dealer tour). I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed at a comedy gig before, and oh my, I laughed until I was crying. There was this amazing thing about kicking an armadillo… You had to be there.

Dara was on good form. As I said, I was very relaxed, something that isn’t always the case at live events. I usually feel a little bit anxious, just sitting there waiting for the performer to fuck up, for a joke to bomb, for awkward silence… It usually doesn’t happen. But certain acts I trust. Good Charlotte. Dara. My father’s choir. You know, the big ones.

Dara walking on turtles

Something that really pleased me was Dara’s hilarious reflections on the concept of something for the dads. That part of otherwise unappealing things, such as a kid’s tv-show, where some attractive female takes part and every man obviously perks up. Something for the dads. Nudge nudge. Dara made the point that it’s demeaning to both men and women, that it always makes him feel patronized and that he hates it. I couldn’t agree more, Dara. I couldn’t agree more.

The Cheltenham audience was being quite mellow, polite and middle class, something that Dara didn’t fail to poke fun at. As a Swede, I felt right at home. Dan asked me if I felt like a part of Cheltenham, when we were being derided by the big man off the telly, and I have to say I did. I feel like I fit in.

It was a hilarious show and we were in tears for big chunks of it. All in all I had a fantastic time. I can’t wait for the next one, so you better hurry up and write it, Dara!


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