Glitter, sunshine, and everything nice

I’m extremely pleased today. Several things have fallen into place recently, and everything just feels so lovely.

1. My partner returned to life as a student a couple of weeks ago, and he is now studying to become a teacher. This is positive in so many different ways.  It’s what he’s wanted to do for as long as I have known him. He’s had to prioritize different things before, but now, finally, he’s doing it. This led to him actually getting a job the college yesterday, which means a bit of extra money on top of the study grants. Having lived on savings for quite some time I really welcome this change. The only problem is that I will have to spend a lot of time on my own now, at least until I manage to find something for myself (if I ever do *hysterical laughter*).

2. One of my more sketchy plans for this weekend has solidified. I am going to see J. K. Rowling at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Saturday! I bought the ticket from a friend of a friend, and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d get them on time, but they arrived yesterday! I’m so excited about this, although as I have a house-warming party to attend the same evening it’s going to be a bit hectic. Either way, I can’t wait to see her talk, and have my book signed afterwards!

3. It’s been really sunny and lovely for the past couple of days.

4. Before I left Sweden my parents gave me a bit of pocket-money (yes, I’m almost 22), for which I bought a pair of glittery boots (honsetly, I am 21!) Really though, these boots are wonderful, and I hope they will arrive shortly. Since I rarely wear high heels I hope the glitter will add a bit of fancyness that I often miss out on in my flats.

So, all I need now is a job of my own. I did go and hand in my application in a place I really like the look of yesterday, we will see how that goes. Now it’s time for me to properly get back to my knitting. I didn’t really touch it while I was ill, and I would really like to finish it before winter is over…


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