Beating down

It’s raining so hard at the moment, it’s beating down on the roof, windows and the ground, and it sounds like something stomping around outside. Since I’m sitting in my slanket, surrounded by cushions and with some moody music on I suddenly feel all autumn-y. Yesterday was really sunny and warm, proper Summer weather, what happened? It’s a nice feeling though. Like I’ve said before, I do miss the sunshine when I’m here, but instead I get this amazing kind of violent rainfall that is relatively rare back home. I love dramatic weather, and I just have to put up with the endless drizzle that is oh to common (not too fond of that kind of rain).

The other week we had the most amazing rain storm I’ve experienced in years. The streets filled up, the puddles were several feet deep, it was literally beating down for hours, and in the background there was the sound of thunder. We were stuck in the car for quite a while, it was simply raining too hard for us to be able to drive.

Sweden definitely wins in the sun department, but I do know to appreciate this as well. All I need now is a mug of hot peppermint tea, and I can start to properly enjoy this rainy September evening.


2 thoughts on “Beating down

  1. Du, vore det inte skoj om jag och Theresia och kanske Jeanette kan komma och hälsa på dig typ snart? Kanske i vår, åtminstone? Nu när jag har slutat plugga har jag börjat känna mig sjukt rastlös i stället. Vet inte riktigt varför, men… Det vore kul att träffas i alla fall.

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