Urbanears Tanto in Lavender

I’ve been thinking about buying a proper pair of headphones, to use instead of the uncomfortable default in ears ones that came with my phone. My partner already has a pair of Urbanears, Plattan in Indigo, and they are quite brilliant. I was considering getting a pair of Plattan myself, but instead I settled on Tanto.

I have a few reasons why I chose Tanto instead of Plattan: they are cheaper but with the same drivers and therefore basically the same sound quality; they are lightweight, meaning they will be more comfortable to wear and also probably look nicer on my smaller head (big headphones always look kinda funny on me); and lastly, they come in lavender, and we all know how much I love lavender. And today they arrived!

I’m very impressed with them, the sound quality is really good. Like most reviews say, they do let in a lot more noise from your surroundings than Plattan does, but I’m perfectly fine with that. It doesn’t really disturb the music. They are a gorgeous colour, and they really are very comfortable as well as looking good on. No pressure on my ears, no digging into my scalp. I haven’t tried out the microphone yet, but I’ve read it also works well. I just want to wear them forever!


What do you think?

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