Friends and plans

We had a little bit of sun the other day. I spent the afternoon out in the garden with the guinea pigs, and I do believe I dozed off for a while. Now the clouds are back, and they’re not the nice, dark kind either, but the washed out and painfully bright white kind. It’s a good day anyway. Later I will meet some new people, and I would really like making some friends here. As much as I ike my partner’s friends I do feel inadequate sometimes, almost leaching off of their friendship.

Next week we will have the car to ourselves the entire week. We will go to the lavender fields, and I can’t wait. I’ve dreamed about them for the entire year, since we were there last July. It’s the most amazing place, and I’m so excited to take some proper pictures. Our last visit was quite impromptu, and I only had my phone with me. This time I’ll be better prepared. I never knew how much I loved the smell of lavender before that day. And in a week I will finally be back. It’s like a dreamscape of purple, green and soft grey. I really can’t wait!

The washed out phone camera photo from last year


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