Polly Samson – Perfect Lives

I’ve just finished reading Perfect Lives by Polly Samson, the Kindle edition. A collection of short stories that all somehow go together, this is a very interesting read. There is Aurora, who plays the piano and is afraid of flying, Tilda, who doesn’t love her baby and Claudette, who is going to Poland to visit a man’s mother. And many more. It’s quite melancholic, but almost every time it started to sadden me it would suddenly pick up and offer a miniature happy ending of sorts. It has quite a lot of surprises and twists, and it is intricate in its simplicity. Once I got into it it kept me quite captivated. I would actually like more, especially about Morganna, Tilda and Laura. A longer book to explore the characters that were only touched upon here. I think I will really need to read more by Polly Samson in the future.


What do you think?

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