Hello world!

Hello world, hello WordPress!

It’s a day for new things. The music is loud, the lyrics distract me. She’s got a whiny voice, really not my kind of music. It sounds churchy-souly and slightly Christmassy. I like Christmassy, but not in July. Although, the weather is a lot more like October than July. I miss the sunshine back home, but I know that there isn’t much sunshine there either. This simply hasn’t been a Summer worth its name so far. We’re hoping for a hot and sunny August.

As rainy and cloudy as it is, I love being here. This place has a part of my soul, and I miss it when I’m not here. Mother laughs and says I’m one of those people now, who belongs in two countries. That might be as it is, but I still feel like I only have one home. Even though I moved out three years ago. I loved the apartment I live in for university, but I called it “home” reluctantly. It’s not a bad feeling, it’s nice to have a place that is mine. It’s strange, because I don’t particularly like the people there, apart from my family. But it’s just the place. It is mine.

But now I’m here, and it excites me. I used to love rainy days as they reminded me of here. That was before I had even been here, and I already loved it. If I had known I’d live here I would have been so happy. At the moment I’m too wrapped up in the practicalities to appreciate it, so I need to take some time to realise what it actually means. I am here. Can I believe it? I’m excited about the future.


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