Week 18 – Reading Materials

This was originally going to be called Books, but we decided to widen the theme a bit! I still chose to go with books, since I’m a massive book nerd. Here are a few of my favourites (i have tonnes more though, asking a book lover what their fav books is is a bit like asking a parent who their fav child is, amirite??). This volume of Jane Eyre is like the prettiest thing in existance as well. Mmm prettyyyy.

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Week 17 – Up Close

I don’t have a proper macro lens, and I tried experimenting with turning the ones I have around, but the results were really abysmal. Thankfully my lovely friend let me borrow her camera, complete with macro lens! I have an Olympus, she has a Nikon, so it was a bit of a challenge using it. A bit like using mac when you’re used to pc. I’m very pleased with the result though! Like I said, I love lilacs. They just scream end of term, summer holiday, happy memories.

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Week 16 – Long Exposure

project365 - 072


I’m gonna be honest with you. I took this photo nearly a year ago. I did my long exposure shots here in Uppsala, and I didn’t like how any of them turned out. Then I remembered this one I took back in July last summer, and how much prettier the entire scene was. So yeah, here it is. It was a lovely evening down at the beach, my cousin’s band were playing, people were dancing and I had some fun with my camera.

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Week 15 – Blood



Super cute theme!! Making blood was a bit of a pain (not literally), I accidently added way too much blue and it turned bright magenta, and it took quite a lot of effort to get it back to a nice, deep red colour. It dripped everywhere and I made  horrible mess, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Dan for literally getting his hands dirty for me!

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Week 14 – Perspective

P5086601 P5086603Two photos?? Is this cheating???

I just couldn’t decide, the first photo is technically superior, but the second is much more interesting. I took these on Thursday in the Uppsala University main building. It is such a beautiful building, especially the interior. Thought it would be perfect for a frog’s perspective!

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Week 13 – Faceless Portrait

P5056599Belated, because last week was massively hectic. We had a visitor from England for Valborg, and the week was spent with our apartment filled with people. Lots of singing, lots of dancing, some drinking, a few movie nights, a guided tour around Uppsala. Now I have a sore throat to show for it, but I had a brilliant time.

So here’s my faceless (self)portrait. A bit hurried, but I felt like this was a good opportunity to show off my three-week old bby (my Sindarin tattoo). Head over to Pamela’s to see hers!